Welcome to the Consular Section at the Palestinian Mission to the Netherlands.

The consular department provides the following services:

  • Public and private power of attorney
  • Authorization to renew a passport
  • Certification of birth certificates issued by Dutch municipalities
  • Ratification of university diplomas
  • Certificates of registration
  • Ratification of companies and institutions under the Palestinian National Authority

Legalization of documents: to ratify a university degree, or certificate, or commercial recording of companies and organizations with the Palestinian National Authority, you first need ratification certificates from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The consular service’s stamp duty is in addition to the actual processing fee. Note we accept payment in cash only.

If you have any inquiry or request, please contact us via e-mail or phone during official working hours.

Working hours:
10:00 am to 15:00 pm from Monday to Friday.

Contact details:
Address: Nieuwe Parklaan 23, 2597LA, Den Haag

Tel: + 31 70 360 48 64

Fax: + 3170 365 78 47

From Central Station Tram 9 to Station Wagenaarweg


Contact: Captin. Jamil Abu Awwad