Dutch IT outsourcing to Palestine strengthens relationship

In continuation of the Dutch-Palestinian Bilateral Forum of last October, a new IT seminar with attention for Dutch-Palestinian cooperation will be held the 22nd of March. During this seminar, different speakers will discuss the possibilities of outsourcing IT activities to Palestine.

it cooperation

IT outsourcing is an increasingly popular option for Dutch companies, where there is a great shortage of IT service companies in the Netherlands. In the past, there already have been great cooperation between Dutch and Palestinian companies. For example the Dutch company Fanack.com, which outsourced their IT work to the Exalt company based in Ramallah. “They are professional and cost only half the money asked by a Dutch company. Cultural differences are also smaller in comparison with for example Indian companies.”

IT companies in Palestine offer the Palestinians a new source of jobs and income. Because IT companies deliver their goods online, the new companies are not bothered by Israeli blockades. IT outsourcing is an opportunity for both the Dutch and the Palestinians. The IT seminar will be an opportunity to strengthen the economic relationship between the Netherlands and Palestine.

For more information on the seminar, please visit: http://www.firstlife-net.nl/media/1135/ict-seminar-internationalisering-adam-22-maart-1.pdf